[Twisted-Python] Isolating ISFTPServer in Conch's SFTP

David A. Leedom daleedom at hightowergroup.com
Tue Mar 16 15:19:24 EST 2004


It looks like you are doing some interesting things!!

I am no were near you level of understanding things, so I can't help 
you...However, I am interested in what you are doing.  I am working on a 
Remote Backup system.  I really want kind of a database driven system to 
handle the SFTP connections and am looking into twisted to provide 
that.  Can you tell me a little more about what you are trying to accomplish?


Dave Leedom

At 10:00 PM 3/14/2004, Andy Gayton wrote:
>I'm looking to create a filesystem backend for twisted that could be used 
>by any filelike twisted application (sftp, webdav etc).
>I've got a proof of concept filesystem interface working - IFileSystem .. 
>not the best of names ;), which I'm about to try and sftp into.
>ISFTPServer is a nice clean interface which it'd be easy to write an 
>adapter for from my IFileSystem - but its implementation is bolted into 
>FileTransferServer along with a bunch of protocol stuff ..
>I had been vaguely planning to break ISFTPServer's implementation out of 
>FileTransferServer and move it into a realm avatar when I got this far so 
>different users could have different filesystems but now that I get to 
>looking at it - FileTransferServer is brought into existance when a sftp 
>sybsystem is requested by the sftp client, which happens after 
>authentication ..
>It's beginning to look like most of conch/ssh/session.py would need to 
>move into an avatar - so the avatar for a given user could be asked for a 
>shell, or a sftp subsystem and they would get the right shell/ sftp onto a 
>filesystem for that user ..
>I was hoping that Paul, or someone else may have some thoughts in this 
>area to guide me ..
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