[Twisted-Python] Lore Question: Creating a pdf book

Schneider, Michael michael.l.schneider at ugsplm.com
Sun Mar 14 15:20:38 EST 2004

I am using Lore to document a project that I am working on.

I modeled my approach on the Twisted How To Sections.

index.xhtml + 10 other xhtml pages.

I have the html pages generated, and now I would like to generate
a pdf book.

I created a tex page for each xhtml using lore --output latex xxx.xhtml.

My question is: how do I create a pdf book from the index.xhtml + x.xhtml
or tex pages?

Sorry for the stupid question, but I am new to lore and tex (too much time in MS word and html :-(


Michael Schneider
Senior Software Engineering Consultant
UGS PLM Solutions - an EDS Company
"The Greatest Performance Improvement Is the transitioning from a non-working state to the working state"

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