[Twisted-Python] tap2ntsvc (sandbox) and py2exe 0.5.0

Cory Dodt corydodt at twistedmatrix.com
Fri Mar 12 16:32:12 EST 2004

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To my knowledge nobody has tested it on 0.5.0 so I can only assume this is an
API change.  If so, it's not a well-documented one because the py2exe home
page still talks about the service option as if it exists.  I will have to
investigate further.  In the meantime could you open a tracker issue and
assign it to moonfallen?  Thanks.

BTW, 0.4.x is known to work.


Norm Petterson wrote:
| Hi all,
| Back in November, Cory Dodt mentioned on this list that a preliminary
| version of tap2ntsvc was available to try out. Has anybody managed to
| get it to work with py2exe 0.5.0?
| Using a tap file that works fine when run with twistd (Twisted 1.2.0),
| and using Python 2.3.3 and py2exe 0.5.0 on Windows 2000, py2exe generates:
| error: error in setup.cfg: command 'py2exe' has no such option 'service'
| If I'm not overlooking something obvious, I will look into it further
| with the samples supplied with this version of py2exe. Comments
| appreciated ;-)
| Regards,
| Norm Petterson

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