[Twisted-Python] help ssh forwarding.

Oisin Mulvihill oisin at enginesofcreation.ie
Thu Mar 11 09:04:17 EST 2004

Sorry If you get two of these, I sent the last one with the
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I have a series of linux based internet kiosks at a variety
of sites. I need to be able to connect back into the kiosk
from the main server. However direct connections aren't possible
as kiosks are behind there own router/firewall.

The solution to this is to forward port 22 on the kiosk to
a port on the server. I was thinking of just spawning the
command "ssh -R11122:my_server:22 user at my_server" from the
kiosk, when ever I need to connect to a machine. However I'm
hoping to do this with twisted, since the kiosk app uses it
already, and spawning the ssh command won't play well with
twisted's event system.

I decided to try and hack together a simple version of what
I want to do, based on the example sshsimpleclient.py. I don't
seem to be able to figure out how to forward from the server
to the kiosk. My program (attached) just forwards from 11122
on the kiosk to 22 on the server which isn't what I want.

Can anyone suggest what I'm doing wrong? Can twisted actually
do this?

Thanks in advance,


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