[Twisted-Python] Help about adbapi and sqlreflector

Celso Providelo cprov at gwyddion.com
Mon Mar 1 11:57:17 EST 2004

Maybe it might be a dummy question, but I couln't solve my doubts with 
the set of examples from Twisted about the use of a PostgreSQL DB Server 
in the Twisted way.

Will be better if I explain exactly my case:

I have a set of CLIENTS invoking random methods from a SERVER throught 
my protocol, one of these should add/update an entry in my DB.

As I can see, if I just add:

  conn = PgSQL.connect(database='test');


  """my method !!!!!"""
  curs = conn.cursor();
  """ just it """

I'll fall in a strong "wasting performance" error; if my DB becomes full 
the flows waits here, like in "polling way".

I suspect the solution should be the use of:

from twisted.internet import reactor
from twisted.enterprise import adbapi, row, reflector, sqlreflector
from row_util import *

pool = adbapi.ConnectionPool('pyPgSQL.PgSQL',database='test')
.... and so on.

But I have no idea about how to recover some results from it or detect 
sucess or error (like in row_example.py!!!)

Any help or example will be very apreciated

best regards
Celso Providelo
cprov at gwyddion.com
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