[Twisted-Python] SSH connection, redux!

Schollnick, Benjamin Benjamin.Schollnick at usa.xerox.com
Mon Mar 1 10:25:46 EST 2004


	Thanks for the support, so far...  I downloaded the
precompiled version of the PyCrypto and everything is working fine...

	Except for the fact, that I am attempting to figure out
how to make this work the way, that I *believe* it needs to work...

	By the way, I was unable to get the "Writing a client with 
Twisted.Conch" FAQ to work....  I did find the sshSimpleClient.py
example, and that is working okay...

	But I am having a problem, trying to figure out how to adapt the 
reactor model with my program...

	The application has, for example, 6 "ssh queries" that it needs to
send, for example a "/usr/sbin/prtconf -v", and then "capture" the output,
and return the output
for processing...

	Then it proceeds to the next query....etc...

	Is there a method that I can setup the communication, and say....

reactor.send ("asdfasdf")
data = reactor.recv ()

	More along the telnetlib design?  This way, I could branch the
telnet code
I use?

	Once, I start the reactor, I do not see where I can get data in and
without using some form of a global variable...  (Or embedding the reactor
another object)

				- Benjamin

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