[Twisted-Python] Re: Local IP and factory shutdown

Anthony Baxter anthony at interlink.com.au
Thu Jun 24 13:10:03 EDT 2004

David Bolen wrote:
> Itamar Shtull-Trauring <itamar at itamarst.org> writes:
>>On Tue, 2004-06-22 at 18:35, Gill, Mandeep wrote:
> (...)
>>>Oh yeah, there seem to be a few bugs in the current wxreactor support,
>>>most notably with any custom dialog boxes - the OK/Cancel return
>>>doesn't seem to be processed on time and causes a wxDateTime assertion
>>>error, does it work for anyone else?
>>wx integration is broken. As far as I can tell best option is running it
>>in separate thread... or better yet, not using wx at all.
> Note that we've had fine luck using the standard reactor and iterating
> it via a wxTimer, based off of the entry at:
>   http://aspn.activestate.com/ASPN/Cookbook/Python/Recipe/181780
> You do end up enforcing some time granularity on the network due to
> whatever timer frequency you pick, but so far it's been more than
> sufficient for our applications.

On windows, I've seen as bad as 100ms per timer. When you're trying
to send one packet every 20ms, this is less than good.

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