[Twisted-Python] Local IP and factory shutdown

Gill, Mandeep mandeep.gill at imperial.ac.uk
Wed Jun 23 19:22:56 EDT 2004

>Have you looked at shtoom?  http://www.divmod.org/Home/Projects/Shtoom/ 
>If your traffic is UDP, I'd recommend using STUN for the client.  For
>the server, "all available local IPs" is a fairly vague question. 
>IPv4?  IPv6?  With or without internet connectivity?  Internal or
>external IPs?  Some of these questions aren't even answerable.  Usually
>if you want to provide advanced server configuration informations with
>regard to domain names and IP addresses you need to tell the server
>about them directly, with a config file of some sort.  It varies by
>protocol what that file has to say.

Thanks yeah I've looked quite a bit at Shtoom. I guess my question was fairly vague, I simply meant a method to determine all available internal IP4 addresses. I did consider systems such as STUN and such, however I am multicasting so the system won't work across the Internet or NAT anyway (thankfully as it makes it all lot simpler).

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