[Twisted-Python] processProtocol woes and a plea for aid

Gary Coulbourne GCoulbourne at Immunicon.com
Wed Jun 23 13:34:45 EDT 2004


I'm using processProtocol to talk to a program written by a coworker.  It handles things fine, but it is asynchronous in that when I send a response to it, it may send several responses back, or it may just randomly send back a response.  If I were handling this output a line at a time, it would be fine, but processProtocol seems to put all of the responses together... each response is followed by a \n.  I naively assumed that each time a line was complete, Twisted would call my outRecieved.  It seems, though, that dozens of respopnses can build up in the buffer before it was called.

I'm certain I am missing out on something basic.  Is there any way to set processProtocol to look at the \n as a signal to call outRecieved rather than to call it at some arbitrary time?  I didn't see anything quickly obvious in the source, so I thought I would ask for advice.

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions!


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