[Twisted-Python] Local IP and factory shutdown

Gill, Mandeep mandeep.gill at imperial.ac.uk
Tue Jun 22 18:35:15 EDT 2004

I'm in the process of finishing a multicasting RTP streaming media server and client in Twisted but have encountered several issues that I can't figure out,

Firstly, Is there any way to determine your own IP address from with Twisted, I've looked around everywhere and can't find away to achieve this except by setting up a loopback connection and reading it from the transport - but that only gives Is there any way to determine all available local IPs?

Also I have a problem in shutting down Factories - currently I shut them down by calling the doStop method, which seems to call stopFactory but this is an abstract method used just for safe user shutdown, right? As far as I can tell, the Factory is still bound to the reactor, and am I still able to connect to it having called doStop. How do I stop the protocol from even listening on ports?

Oh yeah, there seem to be a few bugs in the current wxreactor support, most notably with any custom dialog boxes - the OK/Cancel return doesn't seem to be processed on time and causes a wxDateTime assertion error, does it work for anyone else?

Thanks for any help
Mandeep Gill
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