[Twisted-Python] Refactoring of trial - call for feature requests and suggestions

Christopher Armstrong radix at twistedmatrix.com
Fri Jun 18 09:13:50 EDT 2004

slyphon at twistedmatrix.com wrote:
> I am undertaking the refactoring of trial and i'm looking for
> suggestions as to what features people think trial lacks, what they'd
> like it to do that it never did, and so on.

Here's one: the log / trial interaction sucks (which, gulp, I wrote -- 
but hey, this was ancient history before log.py improved :). Trial sets 
things up so that when log.err() occurs, it raises an error -- which is 
reasonable, but the way you have to handle that error, and the way it's 
implemented, is pretty lame.

It should be refactored to use a log observer, not special code in 
log.py (ignoreErrors, flushErrors, clearIgnores, and part of err).

I just wrote a test case yesterday that looks like this:

         # ergh, trial/log interaction kind of sucks

I think clearIgnores should be called by the post-test cleanup code in 
trial. In addition, the error that's printed when you FORGET to 
ignoreErrors should make it obvious that it's because trial considers 
log.err() to be an error: It took me a few minutes of profound boggling 
after looking at the traceback, and then the code, which looked like

     return None

And the traceback pointing at the line foo() is called on. Which is 
reasonable; that's the traceback log.err() prints. It just needs to be 
more obvious what's going on, and that I should, perhaps, add an 
ignoreErrors call to my test case (or fix a bug).

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