[Twisted-Python] Refactoring of trial - call for feature requests and suggestions

Jp Calderone exarkun at divmod.com
Thu Jun 17 02:38:28 EDT 2004

slyphon at twistedmatrix.com wrote:
> I am undertaking the refactoring of trial and i'm looking for
> suggestions as to what features people think trial lacks, what they'd
> like it to do that it never did, and so on.

   Three things that come to mind:

   * Total error handling.  setUpClass/tearDownClass are examples of 
currently broken behavior in this error.  If they raise an exception, 
trial exits.

   * Argument passing between unittest methods.  For example, if a test 
method were defined as testFoo(self, x, y), the two-tuple returned from 
setUp() would be passed in as values for the arguments.  Similarly for 

   * More expressive and specific support for the "todo" attribute.  If 
a test is expected to fail with FooError, there should be a way to 
express this, so that when it fails with a BarError, it is treated as a 
real failure, not an expected failure.


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