[Twisted-Python] Again about query mapped

Mauro Colorio linuxbox at interfree.it
Mon Jun 14 05:47:43 EDT 2004

I saw in the list messages about mapping query results,
it's a need for me too:)

I found this useful script 


I can't access to the patches today (is a temporary problem?)
so I can't know if the patch sent by Stephen is derived
from that module, but I found it very usefull and with very good 
performance (read the intro of the module), I'm not a lawyer but 
the license seems compatible with LGPL.

the problem to use it over adbapi right now is that in adbapi I can't
access to the cursor.description, how I can reach it? it seems Stepen's
patch make it possible, but I can't access to his code.


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