[Twisted-Python] Sincere Thanks!

Sergio Trejo serj_trejo at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 7 08:22:42 EDT 2004

My head keeps spinning as I'm reading about Twisted and all that it can do. 
I think Twisted is a great word for what it does to fire the human neurons 
in ones brain when one first discovers Twisted (its like discovering a new 
planet)! I just finished reading the document titled, "Network Programming 
for the Rest of Us" and its really awesome. Network programming is not for 
the faint of heart and abstractions such as Deferred and using Event Loops 
for an asynchronous interdependent world that we now live in is just way way 
cool (as is the simplicity and the namespace being well done).

It may not be as big of a deal for those who have lived closer to the world 
of networked programming, but I think Twisted represents a major leap for 
humankind because it truly opens the doors of opportunity for programming 
really interesting and dynamic applications (especially for those who need 
to bridge information science with another discipline or two). The Twisted 
contributors are "gods" IMHO! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!


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