[Twisted-Python] Spread or SOAP

Sam Couter sam at couter.dropbear.id.au
Wed Jul 7 04:23:37 EDT 2004

Stephen Waterbury <golux at comcast.net> wrote:
> ... only it's in XML -- ooo, isn't that lovely!  Not.  8^P
> IDL was more elegant.

Definately. I'm not saying WSDL is better than IDL, I'm saying that WSDL
is better than no interface specification at all.

> IMNSHO, these capabilities are okay, but very overrated.  Stub and
> skeleton code is usually pretty trivial, and could be auto-generated
> using much simpler, more natural, and better-supported approaches
> than WSDL.  Seen any WSDL tools lately?  Me neither.

I use them in my day job (WebSphere). Microsoft's SOAP stuff has tools for
WSDL also. But I believe IBM and Microsoft have various patents on WSDL
processing, and as you say, WSDL isn't exactly nice. I haven't seen any
Free tools for parsing WSDL. Apache's Axis libraries can generate it
from Java classes and some extra type mapping information.

Anyway, this has drifted off-topic, since it's not about PB anymore.
No more from me.
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