[Twisted-Python] Beepy Twisted Library

Mike Schneider michaelschneider at fuse.net
Wed Jan 28 08:13:42 EST 2004

After reading the emails on the list I downloaded the Beepy
Twisted BEEP library.

I read the included docs, and looked at the test cases.

I had a server and client up in less than an hour.

Thank you for your work on this package.  I am going to
spend more time prototyping today.

I like the development style:
   - simple short tests
   - test cases that serve as models for code development

FYI.  I am running Python2.3 on Windows, so I had to download
PyOpenSSL from:

This should be a very popular protocol for people developing peer-to-peer

Thank you for your good work, Beepy is being used!!!!!!!

PS.  The test cases were very valuable.  If you have to choose between more docs and more testcases/examples.  my +1 would be for more test cases/examples

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