[Twisted-Python] announcing another twisted project

Douglas Bagnall douglas at paradise.net.nz
Thu Jan 15 06:36:33 EST 2004

hi all,

For a few months I've been working on software for some people who do 
"cyberformance", which boils down to being theatre in chat rooms.  They 
want to be able to do everything they can in their vintage Mac apps, but 
be accessable to a general audience.  So I've almost written a graphical 
chat thingy using SWF for the front end and twisted for the server.  I 
wasn't quite ready to announce it, but the Daily Python Url has gone and 
exposed it anyway.

The theatrical paradigm makes it very slightly different from most chat 
programs - for example, you don't need to log in to watch, but as 
audience you won't appear on stage; the "avatars" are more like puppets 
- players can exchange them during the performance without the audience 
knowing.  There are also a few unusual features, like text-to-speech 
processing (using Festival), and seconds-per-frame live video, to suit 
the particular performance style of the artists.  But really it's just a 
chat program.  And it's GPL'd, so if anyone wants a chat program, it 
wouldn't be too hard to configure the strange elements away (and I'd 
really appreciate anyone using it).

The flash part is generated entirely from actionscript, using the Ming 
compiler (http://ming.sf.net/), which I found to be easier than working 
  in Macromedia Flash, not to mention altogether freer.  You still need 
the flash plugin to view it though.

Some things about it are a bit broken, and the tests are woefully out of 
date. But there you go.

http://sourceforge.net/projects/upstage/ and http://upstage.org.nz/



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