[Twisted-Python] twisted-bugs mailing list back in action

Christopher Armstrong radix at twistedmatrix.com
Tue Jan 13 18:19:20 EST 2004

darryl wrote:
> Christopher Armstrong wrote:
>> I tried making all updates go to the list, 
>> but it wasn't obvious how to do this in an optimal way -- a single 
>> change to an issue that modified two properties of it (i.e., "status" 
>> as well as adding a message) would generate two messages.
> As far as i know you would need to make a custom reactor to replace
> the default nosyreactor distributed with roundup.

Well, not really replace -- e.g., the way I did this list functionality 
is by adding a new reactor that just reacts to the "create" action. So I 
could just improve that to sanely deal with the "set" action without 
being so verbose... Alternatively, I guess I could hack the nosyreactor 
reactor itself to always add a particular email address to the list of 
addresses to send to.

I'm still not sure this is desirable, though -- would people like for 
all updates to be sent to the twisted-bugs list? If so, I think I'll do 
the nosyreactor hack, it shouldn't be hard.

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