[Twisted-Python] Escaping text in Woven and nevow

Eric Radman theman at eradman.com
Sat Jan 10 20:11:03 EST 2004

> 1. Return a RawText widget. (twisted.web.woven.widgets.RawText("hello!")
> might work, IIRC.)

Woven seems to be expecting a string for a return value. This is what I
<twisted.web.woven.widgets.RawText instance at 0x4cd190>

> 2. Woven is being replaced by nevow, sometime.

I installed Twisted from CVS this evening and cannot find any library
named 'nevow'. Is this still on the drawing board?

> 3. Please choose relevant subject for your emails.


> 4. twisted-web mailing list is probably better place for this question.

Good point. Signed up to that list.

Thanks for your help!

E. Radman

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