[Twisted-Python] wxreactor

Jonathan Daugherty cygnus at cprogrammer.org
Thu Jan 8 16:39:39 EST 2004

I'm using debian unstable, twisted version 1.1.1-1, python 2.3.

I'm running a wxPython demo script from the twisted site which
uses the wxreactor; it will not run, and it cannot import the

The error, as one would expect, is:

File "test.py", line 20, in ?
  from twisted.internet import wxreactor
ImportError: cannot import name wxreactor

A search of the python2.3-twisted package and wxsupport.py file
indicates no such entity exists.  However, I know that a wxreactor
has been in development: is this merely a limitation of the debian
package I am using, or has it not yet been introduced into the



  Jonathan Daugherty

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