[Twisted-Python] pb Exchange infrastructure

marjan cinober marjancinober at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 3 13:53:32 EST 2004

I have spent last month composing this as a complete begginner in twisted.

I need to implement distributed data collection&distributiion network to 
gradually phase out a currently old mixed standard/vendor/equipment 
production process monitoring system.

The idea is to start a system that will be distributed, redundant and 
eventually become resistant to a single point of failure by using multiple 
sensors and delivery networks/paths.

These files are working... (Note the last three messages coming in 2s 

Fetcher.py - http://shamash.eece.unm.edu:8080/bin.rpy/468
FetchCli.py - http://shamash.eece.unm.edu:8080/bin.rpy/469

, but they must be full of weird/suboptimal solutions as a use of twisted 
Perspective Broker. And probably the python itself is weak.

I would be gratefull of any constructive criticism. :-)

    Marjan Cinober

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