[Twisted-Python] Re: Where is best place to put my custom code?

JD lists at webcrunchers.com
Thu Jan 1 14:25:37 EST 2004

On Dec 31, 2003, at 7:43 PM, Eric Mangold wrote:

> On Wednesday 31 December 2003 04:58 pm, JD wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm open for suggestions on where I can put my customized code.    I
>> seem to have a choice
>> between putting it in the "factory" or in the "protocol",  and I
>> cannot seem to decide where the
>> best place would be.
> Since this is IRC you shouldn't go issuing commands until your signed
> on, thus the signedOn method of your protocol would be the right place.

Ok,   good point....   but how do I issue commands?   let's say I have
a IRCClient class called "testIRC".

do I use:    testIRC.sendLine('signedOn')  to send the command to the 
IRC server
to signon?

or do I:   testIRC.register('mynick', 'myhost', 'irc.debian.com')

then,   when I want to do the "who" command,  would I do:   

then,   i would expect to call me back,   so I would override the 
"action" method,
like so:

def action(self, user, channel, msg):
	< extract the info I want from msg and store it somewhere,  probably 
in an instance variable in testIRC object >
          reactor.stop()    ---  to exit the client and disconnect,   or 
would I have to put the reactor.stop() in the
          factory's "clientConnectionFailed" method,  which I would 
override of course.

It's things like this that throw me totally for a loop.   Where to put 
things....  what gets the call back...

> Yeah, it's not obvious how to do that. I'll send another mail when I've
> a chance to test something, but New Years is coming up right now... :)

Yea - and while everyone is partying,   i take this wonderful 
opportunity to get some serious coding
done,  because the place is so quiet,  and I'm too broke to do anything 

> No. An ACTION in IRC terms is a user doing an /me.

Ok,  if "action" isn't the callback which I override to get the output 
of the who command,
then what is?

myInfo?   luserClient?

luserChannels - Called with the number of channels existant on the 
server (ALMOST what I want)
luserOp - Called with the number of ops logged on to the server 
luserMe - Called with information about the server connected to. 
(CLOSEST YET - but no IP address info)

Ok,   so how do these get called?   As far as I can tell,    
"handleCommand" calls

method = getattr(self, "irc_%s" % command, None)

which it then somehow then calls back to:

     def irc_RPL_LUSERME(self, prefix, params):

I really want:   RPL_WHOISSERVER,  but (sigh) it's not there.   Nobody 
bothered to finish this

Could I add this to my IRCClient's subclass?


     def irc_RPL_WHOISSERVER(self, prefix, params):


    def whois(self, prefix,  info):
	< then in this code,  get the info?  - then after that do the 
reactor.stop() so I can fall out of the reactor.run()
             call. >

Is this all I have to do....   but then would 'getattr' as you see 
above,   know how to get the method name?
Or would I have to add this somehow to another dictionary?

If so,  how do I do it?   and if i have to do it,  how do I find the 
reference to the dictionary?

Anyway,   other then being totally confused,   is there any hope?   I 
think I'm just missing a few
critical steps.    Or do I have them all?

>> There are a number of other callbacks for the private messages and
>> such.   Which one
>> do I use?   When testing the code,  I'm not getting any callbacks to
>> the "action()" method.
>> Is this because something else is fucked up.
> Yeah, your code.

No shit sherlock....  now i got to figure out why it's not calling my 
"whois" method.


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