[Twisted-Python] Technical Difficulties

Glyph Lefkowitz glyph at twistedmatrix.com
Fri Jan 2 19:30:25 EST 2004

Twistedmatrix.com is about to experience some significant technical 
difficulties.  As I am moving to Boston and the domain is hosted on my 
personal DSL, it will have nowhere to be for a little while.

Sometime after midnight CST tonight, I will be taking the machine down 
for a full backup in case there are problems in transit.  After that, I 
will be removing the hard drive and putting it in a box to mail 
somewhere in Maryland.  If it gets there, it will not be my fault if 
service is resumed within the week.

If and when service _is_ resumed, we all owe a very big thank you to 
Divmod, who is graciously offering to host the machine in more-or-less 
its current form.

Just to be clear: this means that the website, email, buildbot, CVS, 
wiki, and DNS services will _all_ be down.  If you have a personal 
webserver on pyramid it will also be down.  I have already redirected 
our primary DNS so that the rest of the system administration team 
should be able to make sure that we do not lose email.

I am sorry if this is the first notification you have recieved of this 
impending shutdown, but things have been fairly hectic over here.

Thank you.

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