[Twisted-Python] Components

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Thu Feb 26 16:44:30 EST 2004

At 03:42 PM 2/26/04 -0500, Donovan Preston wrote:
>I am less excited about introducing a dependency into Nevow. It would be 
>nice if we could distribute PyProtocols in the same tarball as Nevow and 
>only install it if needed.

The (dual PSF/ZPL) license permits that.  And, PyProtocols, is getting 
pretty stable, so it's not like you'd be updating it every day.

But naturally, working on dependency support for distutils seems to be an 
Idea Whose Time Is Coming.  There was a recent Zope3-Dev thread about such 
issues, although it was more specific to bundling subsets of the Zope3 
system, rather than bundling third-party packages.

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