[Twisted-Python] Re: [Twisted-commits] Preparing for 1.2.0rc3

Mary Gardiner mary-twisted at puzzling.org
Tue Feb 24 19:55:08 EST 2004

On Tue, Feb 24, 2004, Christopher Armstrong wrote:
> Mary Gardiner wrote:
> >On Tue, Feb 24, 2004, radix CVS wrote:
> >
> > > copyright="Copyright (c) 2000-2003 Matthew William Lefkowitz, all
> > > rights reserved."
> >
> >Shouldn't this read 2000-2004 now?
> I think the last time this was brought up, Glyph responded with 
> something like, "With the way copyright law is going now, I won't lose 
> copyright on this *for a million years*."

He and the inheritors of the right to exercise copyright, anyway. Until
the development of twisted.elixir, at least.

> iow, it's not that big of a deal: with current copyright law, he still 
> retains copyright until 2073, or something like that. :)

I thought the countdown was from his death, not from the creation of the
work. Or it will be in Australia anyway...

I wasn't suggesting this for legal reasons, simply for accuracy reasons.


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