[Twisted-Python] "installing" Twisted?

Frantisek Fuka fuka at fuxoft.cz
Fri Feb 20 15:35:28 EST 2004

Christopher Armstrong wrote:
> However! Before you forget this topic: you said you had a problem with 
> running setup.py, so a real bug report would be very much appreciated.

I must say the offending server is in VERY bad shape installation-wise 
and I plan to completely re-install it when my application is ready to 
deploy. There are missing libraries, partly-installed packages etc... I 
"inherited" this server, everything was installed by someone else and I 
must confess I am not very much of Linux guru.

Because of this, it's perfectly feasible that it wasn't Twisted's error 
and even in the case it was, I am not brave enough to try to re-install 
twisted now, when I have it running and I can test the application I am 

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