[Twisted-Python] Backup Agent

Michal Pasternak michal at pasternak.w.lub.pl
Mon Feb 16 12:23:03 EST 2004

David A. Leedom [Mon, Feb 16, 2004 at 10:03:37AM -0500]:
> 1.      What would you guys suggest I do to I get the GUI to ask all the 
> agents to identify themselves?

Well, that's a good question. In some app I did, I used machine's IP address
+ some operating system info it run (sys.platform, os.uname) to build a kind
of machine identifier. You could as well generate some UID, then save it,
then send it together with machine's IP to identify it on server, by hand.

Using OS-specific procedures could help you with this.

> 2.      What would be the best approach using twisted to transmit a file 
> system catalog across the local wire.  I was playing with some remote 
> procedure calls over the weekend that seemed to work.  I am thinking I 
> could create a class that would gather the local file system and send it 
> over the wire as one lump.

Remote procedures have limit of 640 KB for their parameters (because "640 KB
should be enough to anyone"). You should use Pager and Collector.

> 3.      If I am going to transmit a backup file (<500meg) over the wire to 
> another local computer what is the best Twisted approach to take?

See above. Also, please remember, that memory issues matter. If you're
paging the data (send small chunks), you should save them on the backup
server, as they are received. If you are transfering a big file, keeping all
the data received in some buffer is a bad idea. 

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