[Twisted-Python] Twisted PyCon Sprints

Christopher Armstrong radix at twistedmatrix.com
Fri Feb 6 17:32:03 EST 2004

PyCon is going to have 4 days of sprinting this year: March 20 - 23. 
There will be a lot of Twisted hacking going on.

As pointed out at http://www.python.org/cgi-bin/moinmoin/TwistedSprint , 
I'm not going to be organizing a monolithic "Twisted Sprint" this year. 
Last year's wasn't organized well; there's no use in organizing a single 
sprint around so many topics.

Please see the above URL for sprints related to Twisted that will be 
taking place, and to add any of your own Twisted-related sprints. It 
would also be nice if anybody who wants to participate in any of these 
would mention so on that page. It's a wiki, so anybody can edit it (Use 
the "EditText" link on the bottom-left).

There's a lot of potential for great productivity at sprints, so I 
encourage everyone who's coming to PyCon to participate. It will 
definitely be a lot of fun. :-)

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