[Twisted-Python] Re: Contributing?

Ed Suominen general at eepatents.com
Mon Aug 30 10:05:05 MDT 2004

I think the single biggest contribution anyone could make to Twisted would be 
to help document it. It is a brilliantly written but really opaque bunch of 
code. I think someone who understands what's going on and knows how to write 
English (not necessarily a programmer) should be given SVN write access for 
the sole purpose of adding informative docstrings throughout the source.

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> From: angryhicKclown at netscape.net
> I was looking over the page on twistedmatrix.com on contributing, and it
> referred me to here. Over at the mono project, they have a todo-list sort
> of thing, that idle hackers such as myself can work on. I was wondering
> what the best way (besides monetary...I am a poor student) to contribute to
> the Twisted project is?
> Thanks,
> Peter Hunt

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