[Twisted-Python] sshsimpleclient.py example

Jp Calderone exarkun at divmod.com
Thu Aug 26 19:34:13 MDT 2004

Michael Trosen wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> I'm new to using the twisted framework, so excuse me if this is a
> basic question..
> When I run the sshsimpleclient.py example, to an external site,
> everything works fine (I just change the code to use my username and
> server information.)
> However, if I try to ssh to my localhost, it prints out the host key
> fingerprint, and then hangs.. never prompting for the password.
> Is there something different about trying to connect to localhost (I
> changed the code slightly, to take a command line parameter for the
> username/host..:
> if I use:  python sshsimpleclient.py myuser at echoes.dhs.org  it works perfectly
> if I use:  python sshsimpleclient.py root at localhost    it hangs.
> I am running Suse 9.1 Professional, and I can ssh to the host just
> using the regular openssh ssh exe.
> Thanks!  And awesome job on Twisted!

   The conch client in Twisted 1.3 had a problem connecting to servers 
without a key (or something like that).  This has been fixed in SVN 
HEAD.  Perhaps it is the cause of the problem?


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