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Tim Stebbing tim.stebbing at nunatak.com.au
Wed Aug 25 22:19:08 MDT 2004

Sergio Trejo wrote:
> Mary,
> I am curious as to how Australians view U.S.-centric IPR issues such as 
> licenses (e.g., GPL/LGPL) and patents. I read yesterday on Slashdot (and 
> would need to confirm this yet) that Microsoft has filed some ungodly 
> amount of U.S. patents (I think 5,000). The IPR patent issue is a sticky 
> one lately in Europe and I'm curious about Australia / New Zealand 
> viewpoints.
> Cheers,
> Serg

We just signed a free trade agreement with the US because we're scared 
that we cant defnd ourselves against indonesia should their army (which 
is bigger than our population) decide to annex us. So reguarding US 
patent law, It seems we're to bend over and take it.

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