[Twisted-Python] Twisted is now under the MIT license.

Sergio Trejo serj_trejo at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 25 21:51:29 MDT 2004

>Also, the new source file boilerplate says:
>     # Copyright (c) 2001-2004 Twisted Matrix Laboratories.
>     # See LICENSE for details.
>But as far as I know, Twisted Matrix Laboratories isn't a legally 
>organisation (in any country), and regardless it isn't mentioned in the
>LICENSE file, despite the boilerplate's promise that it would have details.
>This is probably a minor issue, but it is confusing.

If its true that Twisted Matrix Laboratories is neither a human or an 
artificial person in any territory, then I think its a major issue not a 
minor one. Copyright is not assignable to a ghost or a shadow.


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