[Twisted-Python] including plugins.tml in a package

Abe Fettig abe at fettig.net
Thu Aug 19 05:50:53 MDT 2004

That's exactly what I was doing, actually.  The problem is that when you 
do a bdist_win32, the call to sysconfig.get_python_lib() happens on the 
machine you're compiling the package on (which may not even be running 
windows!), not the machine the user will be installing the package on.

So you might end up installing your data files in 
c:\usr\lib\python2.3\site-packages\BuffaloBill. :-)


Tommi Virtanen wrote:

> I've done this:
>     data_files=[(os.path.join(sysconfig.get_python_lib(),
>                               'BuffaloBill'),
>                 ["BuffaloBill/plugins.tml"])],

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