[Twisted-Python] Re: reactor.stop

Tsai Li Ming mailinglist at ltsai.com
Sun Aug 15 21:39:11 MDT 2004

Itamar Shtull-Trauring wrote:

> On Sun, 2004-08-15 at 12:01, Tsai Li Ming wrote:
>>Why does calling reactor.stop within my module will cause the 
>>application to shutdown? Is it because even when I import the reactor in 
>>my own module, it is still somewhat linked to the twistd reactor through 
>>the system event trigger?
> There is only one reactor. Calling reactor.stop() means "stop the
> reactor", and this stops the application since the reactor is what's
> driving it.

The part that I don't understand is when I import the reactor in my own 
py files, why will it be the same single reactor that the application 
uses. Is it something special that twisted is handling or is just a 
simple python question?

Many thanks,

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