[Twisted-Python] Things that Need to be Done for 2.0

Christopher Armstrong radeex at gmail.com
Sat Aug 14 14:00:30 MDT 2004

glyph: Come up with a precise license and copyright policy. Do that,
and someone (probably me) can change trunk HEAD to use it.

Everyone: Get rid of all deprecation warnings when running current APIs.

Me: Finish converting our packaging to use zpkgtools, obsoleting half
of release-twisted. Then improve release-twisted (fix bugs in SVN
workflow, etc).

Me: Write documentation on release process and teach people how to do it.

Moshez: At least do the initial work for Debian packages for each of
our subprojects.

Web Sites, in order of importance:

Someone: Move existing Twisted-core-specific content to a new Core
project web site.

foom, fzZzy, dreid: Write a project web site for Web.

z3p: Write a project web site for Conch.

exarkun: Write project web sites for names, news, and mail.

spiv: Write a project web site for Lore and Runner.

glyph, z3p, exarkun, ???: Write a project web site for Words.

cce: Write a project web site for Flow.

Tv: Write a project web site for Pair.

Project web sites are to be placed at
http://twistedmatrix.com/projects/*/, where * is 'core', 'conch',
'web', etc. Put your content in the WebSite svn repository in
"twistedmatrix.com/projects/". If anybody needs access to this
repository shoot me a message.

Obviously, not all of these are terribly urgent. The urgent ones are
core, names, conch, lore, and web. If nobody gets around to creating
real web sites for the others, I'll put in place a basic stock web

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