[Twisted-Python] lightweight persistence for twisted

Eugene Coetzee projects at reedflute.com
Thu Aug 12 08:51:18 MDT 2004


I want to use a light weight (read flat file) persistence technique  
with twisted:

My criteria  for selecting the best technique are in order of relative 

1) Stability and reliability
2) Speed
3) Scalability - must be able to handle about 5 000 records max (simple 
text data fields )
4) Least external dependencies
5) Would be nice if it could  be accesses through Twisted's generic 
enterprise SQL API

The contenders that I think may be able to do the best job are in order 
of my current thinking:

1) enterprise.xmlreflector
2) persisted.sob
3) persisted.dirdbm
4) persisted.marmalade
5) twisted.xish.xpath

Can you give me some pointers - based perhaps on experience with the 
above modules - i.e bugs, pitfalls,recommendations, what you would do if 
you were me?

kind regards,

Eugene Coetzee


Web                 -> www.reedflute.com

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