[Twisted-Python] xml-rpc with cred authentication

Guy Robinson guy at r-e-d.co.nz
Tue Aug 10 05:14:26 MDT 2004


I'm trying to write an application framework around Twisted xmlrpc but with 
authentication. Cred seems to be what I need but I have the following (newbie) 

Is my understanding correct? I need to write the following:

My understanding is the portal is used in defining the protocol? So if xmlrpc is 
a 'protocol' on top of http does http or xmlrpc already have a portal 
implemented for it? Or is my understanding all wrong?

The CredentialChecker as I want to store the username/password/credentials in 
zodb or atop

The Realm as this is what xmlrpc will use to get a user's credentials.



ps: If anyone can point me to a twisted xmlrpc implementation with 
authentication it would be appreciated. (no point reinventing the wheel)

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