[Twisted-Python] Beginners Guide to Twisted Anywhere?

Cory Dodt corydodt at twistedmatrix.com
Thu Aug 5 17:47:38 MDT 2004

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Great notes!  The extra detail on Deferred and Application should be
especially helpful.  Can we get edit this a bit and get it into the
official docs? (I know.. open a doc bug.)

Mike Orr wrote:
| I wrote some notes to try to explain the Finger tutorial.
| http://sluggo.kicks-ass.org/twisted_finger_gentle.txt

Just one nit, since you had a question mark anyway:

| Note that the word "service" is used here slightly differently than
| how NT defines it.  'twistd' is an NT service and can be managed by NT
| tools (true?), but child services are not visible to NT tools.
~         ^^^^^
Erm, false for the first clause of the last sentence.  twistd runs only
in the foreground on Windows.  Services on Windows are a little more
involved than daemons on Unix; think sysvinit and background execution
combined -- whereas daemons are just the background execution part.
There's a tool called tap2ntsvc in sandbox/moonfallen if you're curious
about how to make Twisted processes run as NT services.

You were correct in saying child services are not visible to NT tools,
when you do manage to service-ize a twisted process.

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