[Twisted-Python] 111: Connection refused

Damon Fasching damon.fasching at sbcglobal.net
Tue Aug 3 02:18:22 MDT 2004


I am attempting to use pb to distribute a home grown
database.  To test, I have the database split over two
machines and am using a third machine for a client
test application.  The two database machines are
Redhat; the client machine is Debian, for what it's

I thought the Redhat machines were identically
configured, but when I connect to them, one of them
works fine and the other gives the msg

"111: Connection refused"

As a simple test, I just ran a simple echo server on
each machine and an echo client on the third machine. 
The Redhat machine which worked as a database server
also works as an echo server.  The other machine fails
with the same msg.

I am able to ping, scp, etc to my hearts content among
the three machines.

I have looked at the twisted FAQ, mail archives and
much of what looks relevant under /etc on the Redhat
machines w/o much luck.  This is not a twisted
problem, but can someone give me a clue as to what
system config file I might need to modify and how?


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