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Mon Aug 2 21:05:04 MDT 2004

>From: Glyph Lefkowitz <glyph at divmod.com>
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>Subject: Re: [Twisted-Python] Twisted O'Reilly Book
>Date: Mon, 2 Aug 2004 21:17:11 -0400
>On Aug 2, 2004, at 1:49 PM, Sergio Trejo wrote:
>>Well, perhaps Divmod and OSAF and other commercial entities could together 
>>start a Twisted Foundation?
>Divmod is a for-profit company.  OSAF is a charity already.  They're not 
>both commercial entities.

OSAF is a not-for-profit artificial person born in the U.S. sovereign 
territory as a 501c(3). However, let there by no illusion, as money will be 
streamed by other artificial persons (perhaps created by Kapor and/or 
colleagues and/or anyone and their mother who cares to for that matter) whom 
will make use of the produce birthed under the auspices of OSAF, very 


Why a non-profit? Mitch, the successful entrepreneur and venture capitalist, 
had not all of a sudden ceased to believe in the virtues of capitalism. 
Rather, he wanted to make a clear statement: the intent of this effort was 
not to use this as a vehicle to make more money for himself. However, he 
would be very happy for others to make money and intended to find a 
licensing scheme which would permit both non-commercial and commercial 
development on the code base.

Thus, the foundations of Divmod and OSAF may be different, but capitalism 
prevails in both scenarios even though each artificial person is not a 
Foundation entity.

>Divmod is already contributing hugely to Twisted's development by keeping 
>everyone who works on it employed in a related role.

It is truly a great thing that Divmod's employees have continued to improve 
Twisted on the Divmod clock. But isn't that part of the deal of the LGPL?

And what about others who are not in the tight circles of the Divmod LLC? Is 
Radix an employee of Divmod? Didn't his blog state today that he's moving to 
Australia soon? Is Radix not a significant contributor to Twisted? What 
about the venerable Bob Ippolito? Who else has contributed significantly to 
Twisted who is not a Divmod employee?

>Pretty much all the IMAP support in Twisted was written on-the-clock for 

That would be Jp?

>>Let us not forget that the core element that we all want to share in is 
>I'm not sure who "we" are here, or what "core" means :)

Class TwistedGlobalCommunity(HumansInAllTerritoriesOnEarthNotJustAmerica):
     def __init__(self):
        self.we = "The Twisted Community"
        self.core = "from twisted import *"


>>As an example, Divmod might be a separate company with separate employees
>Separate from whom?

Ummm, isn't it possible for Foundations as parent artificial persons to fill 
slots in the form of employment of humans? I coudl be wrong, but doesn't 
Mozilla and Apache Foundations employee people?

>>(and perhaps Divmod makes its money from consulting -- I don't know, I'm 
>>just guessing),
>This would be just about my worst nightmare :).  Divmod makes its money by 
>providing a service directly to consumers, as described at 

Cool. There would be zero conflict of interest between Divmod and a Twisted 

>>but then there's also Mitch Kapor's group (OSAF) using Twisted Chandler. 
>>And there are others who want to share Twisted, so it is in everybody's 
>>best interest to keep improving Twisted.
>We're already doing that now.  What would a Twisted foundation offer that's 
>better than the current situation?

A Declaration of Independence. The Apache Foundation does not prevent other 
companies that contribute to the Apache Foundation from making money and 
having a comfortable living. I don't see why a Twisted Foundation would be 
any different, if done correctly.

>There is a significant cost to set up a foundation in the first place, 

How much dinero to python setup.py TwistedFoundation install?

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