[Twisted-Python] Optional packages for Conch (on OS X)

Sergio Trejo serj_trejo at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 2 11:53:17 MDT 2004

>I'm 95% sure that PyPAM and 100% sure that pyshadow aren't at all 
>applicable to OS X.  Have not tried gmpy, but it looks like it's in 
>DarwinPorts; http://py-gmpy.darwinports.com/

Thanks Bob for the heads up. I wasn't aware that the two aforementioned 
aren't applicable to OS X. I did try gmpy based on  gmp 4 that I had pulled 
down via Fink, but gmpy make files were not happy. I guess all three are not 
needed for conch on OS X so I'll give conch a whirl with just pycrypto.


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