[Twisted-Python] Beginners Guide to Twisted Anywhere?

Anthony Tarlano tarlano at docomolab-euro.com
Mon Aug 2 02:24:43 MDT 2004

If you can't figure out chapter 2, the (teaser) finger tutorial, then 
just skip it and go onto chapter 3 "Low-Level Twisted". And then chapter 
4 "High-Level Twisted", etc..

If you do, I pretty much guarantee that your opinion of the 
documentation will change. :)


Britt Green wrote:

>You know, I've looked at the finger tutorial a few times. The problem
>is that it doesn't really explain the code very well. Sure, I can look
>at the first few examples and make an educated guess. For example,
>lets look at the second step:
>from twisted.internet import protocol, reactor
>class FingerProtocol(protocol.Protocol):
>    pass
>class FingerFactory(protocol.ServerFactory):
>    protocol = FingerProtocol
>reactor.listenTCP(1079, FingerFactory())
>The accompanying explaination never really explains what
>protocol.Protocol is. Same thing with protocol.ServerFactory. I've
>been able to deduce what reactor.listenTCP() and reactor.run() do, but
>as someone new to the language, its a bit frustrating to have to make
>guesses about what the tutorial code does.
>On Sun, 01 Aug 2004 15:49:19 -0400, Jp Calderone <exarkun at divmod.com> wrote:
>>Britt Green wrote:
>>>I'm wondering if there exists a beginners guide to using Twisted.
>>>Something similar to the online tutorial for Python. I've browsed the
>>>docs on the Twisted website, and haven't been able to find what I'm
>>>looking for. Specifically, a lot of the examples are mostly just code
>>>with brief commentary which doesn't really explain things.
>>>Can someone help me out! :)
>>   You may be interested in the finger tutorial:
>>     http://twistedmatrix.com/documents/howto/tutorial/index
>>   Jp
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