[Twisted-Python] The Argument I Lost

Glyph Lefkowitz glyph at divmod.com
Sat Apr 24 02:41:39 EDT 2004

I was confused by the recent discussion of the recent tmlabs.* 
hierarchy, so there was a long discussion on IRC tonight about how 
exactly the various splits are going to proceed.  We almost reached a 
consensus about how things should work, except foom (James Knight) 
managed to win the argument about how it should work eventually.

However, I'm more irritating than he is, so we're still doing things my 

To recap, James's way, which is similar to what was discussed on the 
list before, is:

	Keep everything in the same repository, but provide different 
top-level directories for Twisted and the new split-off packages, e.g. 
svn://.../trunk/TwistedNews/twisted/news/...  (previously we were going 
to keep everything in different repositories, but we agreed that this 
was unnecessary and came with several unpleasant restrictions)

	Move code in new subdirectories to the tmlabs.* hierarchy for 
marketing purposes because it provides a cleaner separation between 
core and applications.  However, I feel that there are lots of other 
hierarchy reorganizations that are potentially a good idea, and this is 
another step.

	Set up buildbot to run application packages against both last-released 
core and most-current core.

My way is:

For now...

	The repository mostly stays how it is.

	Buildbot keeps running against trunk, but against a series of 
application packages instead of twisted.test.

	Package names do not change.

Eventually, one or all of these may need to change.  However, all that 
will be happening to split out packages is:

	Modules in protocols/, test/, and tap/ move to an appropriate 
top-level package, with backward-compatibility wrapper.

	The release script will be changed to generate separate tarballs for 
various top-level packages.

	We will create a topfiles/ directory or somesuch to contain READMEs, 
setup.py's, etc., for each subproject.

Barring any strong objections, this smaller, simpler plan is now how 
the releases should proceed.  We do still intend to do new websites and 
download areas for each subproject (sorry maintainers, you're not 
getting out of writing HTML!), just not new repositories.  Hopefully 
this will be a bit easier on users as we will get decoupled release 
cycles, but aside from protocols moving, it should require no code 
changes to remove all import-related deprecation warnings.

The main point in this change in plan is to avoid doing too many things 
at once, to make sure that the whole split finishes before someone 
implements some crazy new features.  Therefore, issues such as how to 
version APIs, re-organize modules, or re-name packages will be 
addressed *after* the appropriate changes for this split have been 
prepared, but feel free to discuss them beforehand.  I will be replying 
to James's setversion proposal soon.
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