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Tue Apr 20 20:52:50 EDT 2004

On Tue, 20 Apr 2004 17:23:56 -0400, Bob Ippolito <bob at redivi.com> wrote:
> [snip]
> So because there are good reasons either way, I say we just stick with 
> the cute names -- but maybe try a little harder to market them to new 
> users.  An idea would be to have a "protocol matrix" document that is 
> easy to find from twistedmatrix.com (no more than 1 click away from the 
> front page, but it could almost be the front page) that is a table of 
> wire protocols <-> implementation names with perhaps a note about their 
> stability and completeness.

  As a first pass:

 |Wire Protocol    |Impl mod(s)    |Framework mod(s)  Completeness (IMHO, 1..10)

  dict            t/p/dict.py        --               2
  dns             t/p/dns.py         t/names/         4 (pending rewrite)
  finger          t/p/finger.py      --               8
  ftp             t/p/ftp.py         --               5
  http            t/p/http.py        t/web/           7 (pending rewrite)
  ident           t/p/ident.py       --               10
  imap4           t/p/imap4.py       --               8
  irc             t/p/irc.py         t/im/, t/words/  6
  jabber          t/p/jabber/        --               not a clue
  msn             t/p/msn.py         --               not a clue
  nntp            t/p/nntp.py        t/news/          4 (pending rewrite)
  oscar           t/p/oscar.py       --               not a clue
  pop3            t/p/pop3.py        t/mail/          8 (pending Q changes)
  sip             t/p/sip.py         --               not a clue
  smtp            t/p/smtp.py        t/mail/          9
  socks v4        t/p/socks.py       --               not a clue
  xml             t/p/sux.py         --               not a clue
  telnet          t/p/telnet.py      --               4
  toc             t/p/toc.py         t/im/            not a clue

  time            t/p/wire.py        --               9

    Broker        t/spread/banana.py,
                  t/spread/pb.py     t/spread/        8 (pending rewrite)

  ssh             t/conch/ssh/       t/conch/         9

  Btw, looking at the first two columns of this table, I think that Twisted does a kick-ass job of naming most of its modules in an understandable and approachable manner :)


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