[Twisted-Python] Progress report on splitting packages

Thomas Mangin thomas.mangin at exa-networks.co.uk
Tue Apr 20 18:17:03 EDT 2004

Glyph Lefkowitz wrote:

>> I will repeat that I think that
>> <basename>.<protocol>(.<implementation>)+
>> basename :: twisted, foobar, other
>> protocol :: nntp, ldap, mail, ...
>> implementation ::  lowdown, smtp, pop3, ..
> This makes no sense to me, and as itamar said is unlikely to be accepted.

well, I am glad that you are dismissing idea on the basis that you do 
not understand it (sorry for the irony), but as I did not spend great 
time or care to try to be understood, I can not complain too much.

> First of all, nntp and ldap are the same kind of thing as smtp and 
> pop3 - protocols.

Yes, I know. Why are you telling me that ?
Is it as I should have written :

with the ()* and ()* having a regex like meaning and the words basename, 
organinational_unit, ... having one of the possible listed values.

basename in [twisted, tmlabs,whatever_is_agreed]
organisational_unit in [mail, im,web]
protocol in [nntp, ldap, oscar]
implementation in [lowdown, my_fancy_implementation_name]

It seems that by the time I wrote all that Clark have posted what I am 
trying to say.

> Second, twisted.words, for example, is explicitly multiprotocol.  I 
> suppose if we wanted to be boring, we could call it 
> twisted.multiprotocolchatserver.ircgateway, but IMHO "words" is catchier.

I do not really care if a name is catchy or not , "explicit is better 
than implicit". A good name is short enough to not be a pain when you 
code and explicit. I do not that fancy should not be a criteria of 
selection when it comes to technology.

I was trying to say the a logical organisation should help the 
understanding of the twisted package. It seems that there is a clear 
need to change the structure of the code as it is now too large and need 
to be structured in a modular fashion. But at the same time it seems 
that most of the people on the list are speaking of rules to make it 
harder for new user to learn twisted.

You guys, know twisted by heart. I do not intend to. I intend to use it 
for _RAD_, so learning it should be _quick_

If you do not understand me, please ask Michael Schneider or Clark Evans 
which seems to think like me but are able to express themselves correctly.


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