[Twisted-Python] Progress report on splitting packages

Glyph Lefkowitz glyph at divmod.com
Tue Apr 20 16:00:17 EDT 2004

On Apr 19, 2004, at 10:19 PM, Christopher Armstrong wrote:

> It seems quite unnecessary, and I'm not convinced enough of its 
> utility to actually put effort into it. There's not much special about 
> a "Twisted Subproject"; AFAIC they're just projects that are developed 
> by "Twisted Matrix Laboratories", which is rather nebulous.

We absolutely need a policy document.  The most attractive thing about 
Twisted, to many developers, is the extremely consistent coding style, 
packaging style, and central point of distribution.  A project 
developed by 'the labs' also implicitly depends on some other core 
packages, and we need policy about things like running regression tests 
with multiple versions of dependencies in order that those core 
packages continue to support their clients correctly to even maintain 
parity with our current development process's quality level.

Some of the policy will seem obvious, but other packages don't follow 
it.  For example, we should make sure that everything uses distutils as 
its build process.
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