[Twisted-Python] Progress report on splitting packages

Andrew Bennetts andrew-twisted at puzzling.org
Mon Apr 19 22:17:55 EDT 2004

On Mon, Apr 19, 2004 at 09:58:30PM -0400, Christopher Armstrong wrote:
> Andrew Bennetts wrote:
> >On Mon, Apr 19, 2004 at 01:48:27PM -0400, Itamar Shtull-Trauring wrote:
> >
> >>Since Chris didn't send one in. Hope this is accurate.
> >>
> >>News was split off, backwards compat code is in, site is up:
> >>http://projects.twistedmatrix.com/lowdown/
> >
> >
> >I'm curious -- why did we choose to change the name from twisted.news?  And
> >even though the name is changing, why is the new package "lowdown" and not
> >"twisted.lowdown"?
> It was decided that doing package names like this would be too 
> problematic. Unfortunately, Python isn't as cool as Java. The name was 
> changed to lowdown because "news" is a bad top-level package name and 
> "twistednews" and "tnews" and various permutations so forth were also 
> lame. Also, "Low Down" is cool. Get it? The LOW DOWN??? The NEWS??? Ha Ha!

I get the name, I just wanted to know why exactly it was chosen over other
names :)

What are the problems you allude to with keeping "twisted.news"?  I was
under the impression that Zope 3 is planning to go this route.

> >I'm also interested to see that NNTP protocol support has also migrated
> >to lowdown -- I was expecting that protocol implementations were going to
> >stay in Twisted (or perhaps a twisted.protocols project, if that gets
> >split off), and just the apps (i.e. direct subpackages of twisted, e.g.
> >news, mail, web, names, conch, ...) would be seperated.
> Nah. These split-offs are going to contain protocols and minimal 
> framework for implementing apps, along with maybe a very simple 
> implementation of an actual app.
> >So, I assume that this is the policy that other splits should follow?  If
> >so, this needs to be documented.
> Let it be known that the split-offs will contain relevant protocols.

Ok :)

> >I'd like to see the reasons for these decisions summarised in that document
> >too -- I can guess at them, but it would be nice to know, and will help
> >future splits of subprojects go smoothly and consistently.
> I'm not interested in creating a "Split Document", because that's an 
> inherently temporal thing. With the help of exarkun, there does exist a 
> small file documenting the process that I must go through to do a split 
> for a particular project, but it is not of general interest (no 
> rationale, etc).

Well, when I say "document", a post to the mailing list would do just fine.
Just somewhere public that can be referred to later, if necessary.


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