[Twisted-Python] Progress report on splitting packages

Michal Pasternak michal at pasternak.w.lub.pl
Mon Apr 19 16:38:32 EDT 2004

Christopher Armstrong [Mon, Apr 19, 2004 at 03:38:46PM -0400]:
> Michal Pasternak wrote:
> >I can create & test packages for FreeBSD Ports & NetBSD Packages 
> >Collection,
> >just send me what to do. I can also provide binary packages for FreeBSD
> >5.2.1 at the moment.
> Is there anything automatable about this? I'd like to automate as much 
> as possible in the release-twisted script
> (Twisted/sandbox/radix/release-twisted).

I think I could add there automatic generation of a Makefiles for a given
project (for those, who don't know anything about fbsd ports/netbsd pkgsrc,
here's an example - ftp://ftp.netbsd.org/pub/NetBSD/packages/pkgsrc/net/py-twisted/ )
It could be really clean at the *BSD side - all Twisted projects share some
settings in Makefile.common, each project has a separate directory and
Makefile with its 'personalized' settings.

I could also add to your release script generation of diffs against current
official fbsd/nbsd package sources (from fbsd/nbsd cvs repo); then the
package could be built (on a test machine), and if the package builds okay,
the release script could submit a problem report with the diffs needed to
update the package source to GNATS database (see 
http://netbsd.org/Misc/send-pr.html), so *BSD developers could pick
that PR and update the official sources.

Automated building of binary package in case of FreeBSD / NetBSD is, IMO,
not worth it (at Twisted project side). Why? When the package source is in
official CVS repo, both NetBSD and FreeBSD teams take care of building the
binary package for you (so you don't have to build Twisted for NetBSD/atari,
for example). Also (IMO) BSD users tend rather not to use binary package
available from an opensource project's site, they will get the one from
official BSD FTP or compile by their own, using Ports or pkgsrc.

I hope, that this is the kind of automation you meant. In case it is not -
more clues please. 

To start the work I need URL to the tarballs with source releases of "core"
twisted and at least one twisted product.


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