[Twisted-Python] Twisted split: tap plugins

Samuel Reynolds sam at SpinwardStars.com
Mon Apr 19 11:07:55 EDT 2004

At 2004-04-18 11:08 AM -0400, you wrote:
>Christopher Armstrong wrote:
>>I just came up with another idea; I suppose it would be a mixture of #1 
>>and #3. We can release Twisted 1.3 and require that people using new 
>>split-offs use it. In Twisted 1.3, we delete twisted/news/* and so on, 
>>but we leave an __init__.py that sets things up for us so that it mirrors 
>>the new split-off package, if available (after printing a deprecation 
>>warning). After a few releases, we delete twisted/news entirely.
>Itamar just told me he likes this idea on IRC. I'll implement it unless 
>someone comes up with a problem with it....

FWIW, wxPython is moving from wxSomeName to wx.SomeName
(i.e., namespacing), and is using approximately this approach.
It works very well. (And in that case, the __init__.py in the
old location os munging names, as well.)

In effect, the old location becomes a reference to the new
location, with deprecation warnings added.

- Sam

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