[Twisted-Python] more kudos of mine for Twisted, quote/point to at will

Alex Martelli aleaxit at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 19 04:09:42 EDT 2004

"Open Enterprise Trends" has published the second part of an interview with
me (about Python's role in the enterprise) -- you can find it at URL:


Towards the end of the interview I got a chance to heap some praise upon
Twisted and to urge "enterprise developers" to consider it.  Since OEtrends
enjoys some prestige in certain IT circles, being able to quote from it
might help you making the case, to a manager or client, that Twisted should
be used for a certain project.  If so, please feel free to quote (e.g. such
snippets as "For any Python network server or client application, a
developer would be well advised to consider the free Twisted Matrix
package") and/or link to this URL (unfortunately there are no anchors to
ease referring to the specific spot, and the whole HTML page is otherwise
unsatisfactory -- e.g., the "keywords" include several technologies I do
not even mention nor allude to, such as jboss, netbeans abd jabber, but do
NOT include twisted -- how silly).


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